Gabriëlla Meijer is a creative freelancer from Rotterdam and loves to work on many different projects.
She now is a creative entrepreneur and asked Studio Wianti to design her visual identity.

Laura Seraphine loves to prepare food, especially cakes and brunch!
She wants to share her love for food and asked Studio Wianti to design the identity for bySERAPHIZM.


Orisun is an online fashion platform supporting designers coming from various fashion and art academies. Orisun will provide reports on various graduation shows, undertake interviews with upcoming designers and create editorials and fashion films, all illustrating the importance and wear ability of the garments. Orisun’s aim is to educate and encourage consumers to appreciate and embrace slow fashion and its creators, by bringing the designers closer to the consumers.

I’ve met Nike Ayinla, co-founder and CEO of Orisun, a half a year ago. She told me about Orisun and her vision. We got both really excited and she asked Studio Wianti to design their visual identity.

Illustration by Ceres van Hal

StreetFood BBQ

Last year StreetFood BBQ asked WOAU! to design a print for their new counter. During my internship at WOAU! we designed this print.
Jorick Janssen and Jos printed the design and attached it to the counter.

I still feel very privileged that I was allowed to work on this cool project.

Design made at and with WOAU!

Sajoer Slowjuice|Soup|Salad bar

During my internship at WOAU! we designed the visual identity for the new juice, soup and
salad bar at Botersloot in Rotterdam called Sajoer.

Design made at and with WOAU!